An experience that comes from afar Today, Diquigiovanni is one of the Italian leader companies that produces and installs top quality PVC, wood and wood/aluminium doors and windows.

Diquigiovanni STARTS PRODUCING aluminium doors and windows.
FULLY AUTOMATIC MACHINES are installed in the production lines.
PRODUCTION INCREASES thanks to two additional automatic production lines.
A change in the shareholding structure adds a further launch to the business and it  OPENS TO FOREIGN MARKETS.
Thanks to a partnership agreement,CASA PALLADIO IS ESTABLISHED IN GHANA.
OOO Casa Palladio, specialised for theRUSSIAN MARKET, opens.
PRODUCTION WIDENS with the new range of wood and wood/aluminium products.

Our Commitment Extremely high quality thanks to production that is exclusively Made in Italy.
Personalised solutions for every requirement during each design and production phase.
Specialist consultancy services thanks to the know how built up over forty years of experience.
The continual development of our products and services to the client.

Certification & Partnership Diquigiovanni places quality at the top. We have four certificates that guarantee our commitment.

ISO 9001 certification confirms our constant commitment to improving the production process and the end product.

Our logo,PARTNER CASACLIMAguarantees the energy quality of the doors and windows, and that they are installed in a state of the art manner.

AL’attestazione SOA è la certificazione obbligatoria per partecipare a gare d’appalto per l’esecuzione di lavori pubblici.

The FINESTRA CASACLIMAcertificate guarantees the energy quality of the windows.